Love Me Beauty …

Love Me Beauty

I love getting things in the mail, so I thought it was about time that I signed up for a monthly beauty box. After hunting through the mountains of monthly subscription boxes available, trust me when I say there is a box for everyone out there, I settled on two different boxes. The first box I subscribed to was the Love Me Beauty, which arrived today, the second box I subscribed to was the Birch Box which should hopefully arrive later in the week. 

The Love Me Beauty Box works slightly differently to most monthly boxes, your allocated a number of points and then you pick from a selection of products (worth different amounts in points) until you’ve reached your total. Some products are obviously worth more in points that others. So enough rambling…heres what I received. 
Firstly I love the packaging, all my lovely products came in this little makeup bag in this beautiful pale blue colour. A girl always needs a makeup bag so this was a lovely added surprise. 

So these are the products that I chose; pixi by petra mascaraLa potion Infinite , Caudal Radiance Serum and the pop band

I always sleep with my hair tied up away from my face, but then the next day I have that dreaded kink in my hair which is just one more thing for me to sort out in the morning. Having read that this leaves no kinks in your hair I was excited to give it a go, however when it arrived I was dubious as to whether this would contain my mountains of hair..I guess we will have to wait and see. 

The second product I picked was the Pixi by Petra Lengthy Fibre Mascara, I love trying new mascaras. Saying that I have been using the same mascara for a while, which is the MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash, however I love trying new products so I’m excited to try this out. The brush is slightly curved with lots of lovely lash catching bristles which I love and you can see that the formula is loaded with fibres which should be super lengthening. 

The third product I chose was a serum, mainly cause I don’t really use them and I wanted to see whether they are as good as everyone claims them to be. It claims to boast the radiance of your complexion and appearance for a smoother brighter looking skin…and I thought to myself who doesn’t want that so into the basket it went. 

Finally I picked a “super hydrating, restorative anti age cream” because I’m 27 now and you’ve got to start protecting your skin as early as you can right?? I have no idea how early your meant to start using anti ageing products but I figured what harm can it do?? 

So thats everything that I picked, let me know if any of you use the love me beauty box and if so what you picked, or if you use any of the products and love or hate them let me know. Hope you all enjoyed the post…if you do feel free to follow me on BlogLovin or on my FB page Lady Law Student (shameless self promo..sorry). 
Sending lots of Leicester cuddles and Love. 

Lady Law Student 


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