Homeware treats on a budget …

Homeware treats on a student budget 

Happy Saturday everyone, somehow (goodness knows how) I managed to end up with a Saturday off work…so…to celebrate I popped into Leicester and did a little bit of homeware shopping. Currently I’m on a pretty tight budget as I save up for 3rd year, so this meant that I really tried to shop around for some bargains and seeing as I found some I thought I’d share them with you lovely people. 
So the first shop that I ventured into was …


I love browsing around TKmaxx, they are my favourite shop to pick up workout clothing from and converse trainer socks. Occasionally I venture into their Homeware section, and by occasionally I mean all the time, the duvet cover section is my absolute favourite ( I’m obsessed with bedding). This week I was on the hunt for picture frames and I picked a lovely worn silver wooden effect frame for a print that my lovely sisters in law to be sent us. 
£6.99 TKMaxx

I then took a wander around the kitchenware section and picked up a teapot for loose leaf tea from Bodum, I normally use a tea infuser (I’ve got a super cute pug infuser and a Man-a-tea infuser). However, I thought I’d try a Tea press teapot as sometimes I want more than just one mug of Green Tea. Plus it was such a bargain at TKMaxx at only £5.99, which is nearly £20.00 cheaper than it normally retails for. 
£5.99 TKMaxx
The second shop I popped into was ….


I was hunting for some more photo frames to frame some holiday photo’s and my friend wanted to pop into Wilko to pick up some door knobs, as you do, while I was waiting I wandered into the frame section. Wilko is normally the shop I pop into to pick up cotton pads for removing my makeup and not for homeware, however these frames were too good value not to pick up. I picked up two single frames and one multi photo frame
£5.50 Wilko
£4.00 Wilko

I can’t wait until we have our own home so I can create a gallery wall of all our pictures of our loved ones, but at the moment we have them arranged on our book case. 
Next I popped into….


I freaking love this shop, it is like a happy little Ikea that is full of wonderful little treats. Its the best shop to walk round, the music is so happy and everything is so bright and colourful. Of course best of all its a complete and utter bargain. My lovely friend Laura, the wonderful lady who bought me the lush face mask, bought us the sweetest little engagement candle. So Ive been searching for a little candle holder and I found this glass holder for ….. £2.00… its such a bargain.
Finally I popped into paper chase 

Paper Chase

Seriously who doesn’t love Paper Chase it is a mecca for all stationary lovers, I always buy my cards from here, mainly because they do student discount and have a brilliant reward card system. I decided to start a Wedding/Engagement box to keep all the mementos, we’ve been so lucky to receive such love from all our friends and family and I wanted to keepsakes to be able to look back through in years to come. So I picked up one of their storage boxes in this beautiful gold polka dot design. 
£8.00 (£7.20 with student discount)
Inside I’ve got the champagne cork from our first celebratory bottle with Simon’s parents, a photobook of our holiday together, all our engagement cards and the ring box. As the planning and celebrations go on I plan to add the invitations and a sample of the dress fabric etc. 
So thats all from my budget homeware shopping haul, I’ve included all the links for the products where I can find them. Also this week I set up a Lady Law Student FB page so give it a like if you’ve enjoyed todays post. 
Hope you all have a lovely Saturday night, whether your hitting the town with friends or cuddling up on the sofa watching movies. Sending big Leicester cuddles to you all. 

Lady Law Student 





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