June Favourites

Good Morning it is a very rainy Monday morning here in Leicester, so I thought i’d write a blog post to cheer my self up. I’ve seen lots of bloggers post their favourite products each month so I thought I would do the same. 
June Favourites
(I know its not quite the end of June but I’m off on holiday on Thursday so I thought I would post this before I jet off on my holidays)

Makeup & Beauty Products


Benefit shy beam dandelion
  • This is my current go to highlighter, its the dandelion shy beam highlighter from benefit, it’s a liquid highlighter which I apply with either my beauty blender or my highlighter stippling brush from real techniques. It gives just a gentle touch of highlighter and it is perfect for creating that beautiful strobing effect that all the bloggers and MU are going raving about. 
Garnier Micellar Water
  • My second favourite this month (and probably this year so far) is the Garnier Micellar water, this has been a skin life saver. I suffer from really bad skin at times and this makeup remover has cleared by skin up no end. I use it morning and evening with a cotton pad and I cannot recommend this highly enough. It takes off all makeup easily and leaves my skin feeling so refreshed. 
Keratin Oil
  • I always use Argan oil when I wash my hair to protect it from the heat that I (and most people) subject their hair to when styling. I recently ran out of my favourite oil and I thought that I would try one with keratin (hair protein) as well as Argan oil. I love love love this oil, I use it before I blow dry my hair, after straightening to smooth and after styling for a sleek finish. The other great thing about this product is that its often on offer (which is super important if your a poor student)
Food & Drinks
Ultra Cleanising Matcha Green Tea Powder

  • This month I’ve given up coffee and tea and I’ve swapped to a morning Matcha Green Tea Almond Milk Latte instead. I mix 1tsp with boiling water and mix until its a dissolved and then I add almond milk and ice and I whiz it my blend active. I’ve only recently started drinking it but so far I’m a huge fan it wakes up in the morning but doesn’t make me feel like I’m wired. I also sometimes add a tsp to my lunch time smoothie if I feel i need a boast later on in the day. (This is also currently on offer in Holland and Barrett)
Table ware – Naomi Battersby Pottery

  • My super talented friend has just finished her degree at DMU (De Montfort University Leicester) and invited us all to her degree show on Friday. She has created the most stunning range of table wear, I absolutely love her large bowls with the speckled grey effect. I highly recommend checking out her designs and following her on FB and Instagram  She has also earned her self a place at the Younger Designers Show in London, so if your around London time go check it out. 
  • My favourite flowers used to be Lilies however I’ve recently fallen in love with Peonies, I picked up these stunning flowers from Lidl of all places. The sweet Williams were £1.50 and the Peonies were £3.00. I know that flowers are realistically a luxury for a student but sometimes you just feel like treating your self and I just fell in love with how big and beautiful they were. 
Clothing & Accessories
H&M Gym Leggings
  • Can we just take a moment to fall in love with how bright and jazzy these work out leggings are. I’m obsessed with jazzy gym wear, I find it motivates me to get off my bum and go work out.  H&M’s activewear collections are pretty much my go to gym wear at the moment I love all their different designs and collections. So go check them out!! 
Present from my Soul Sister
  • I love this ring far too much, it was a leaving present from my Canadian Soul Sister before she flew home. It’s a vintage map of her home town so that she’s always with me and I’m reminded of her. I’ve no idea where she got it from but I think its the perfect present for long distance friends. 
Bramble’s Favourites 
As I’m sure your aware we recently extended our furry family and brought home the cutest little cocker spaniel called Bramble Liddi (or Reese’s Pieces, Brams, Fur ball, Naughty Spaniel, or Bramblelicous). In honour of this I’ve added a Puppies favourite section of all of her favourite things. 
My other owner – Simon
  • This is probably Bramble’s favourite this month (year/life/ever), her other owner (and my partner) Simon. As you can see she is a bit in love with him and gets super excited every evening when he comes home. I guess he is also one of my favourites too. 


Crate beds from Pets at Home
  • Being the naughty little spaniel that she is, she has been rather terrible at chewing her beds. We bought Ruff Tuff pet beds originally but at one point they only lasted two days, which for £30 a go it was not economical at all. So on a recent trip to pets at home I found these crate mats for £8.00 (BARGAIN!!!).  The designs are a little bit bright but so far they are holding up well, they also fold in half and velcro together which is great because they also fit in her travel crate (massive plus) and as you can see they seem to get her snooze of approval. 
  • Her final favourite this month is the Natures Menu meaty treats, we were recommended these by our puppy class instructor (Wits End Training School, Leicester). They are grain free, free from artificial flavours, gluten free and are made with real meat. She loves loves loves them, which makes training way easier (especially for recall training in the park). I also love the fact that they are softer which means you can tear them up in to smaller pieces so that they last longer. 
So thats all from me and Bramble this week, I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. I hope you all have a lovely week and this maybe brightens your rainy Monday. If you have  any questions about anything in the blog then drop me a comment. You can also follow me on Instagram @katdolly, Twitter @haines_cat and on Snapchat @katdolly. 
Peace and Love 
Lady Law Student 

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