May 2016
It’s been a busy couple of weeks so I’ve been away from my blog for a bit, but now with a long summer ahead of me I’ll aim to try and write a post at least once every two weeks. So without further delay here is my May post.
Trying New Things
  • New LimeCrime – I have two moods, the cutest and most perfect nude matte lip to ever have existed, its called marshmallow as well which I super love. I wear it for nights out and day trips its so versatile. The second shade which is super dark is perfect for a vampy dark lip, I love it for nights out, it definitely sums up by other moods.  
  • Makeup storage – I have forever been scanning through pintrest looking at makeup storage, especially the acrylic ones. I just love the way you can see all your different lipsticks, palettes and brushes. So I decided to dive and buy my own from Amazon. I mega mega mega love it. I can be super messy at times and I love the way that it keeps it all contained. 
  • NYX – I’m so happy that this brand is now finally in boots, I’m forever buying it from asos but now I can go down and browse through all the amazing colours in person. They also make my favourite contour palette (powder and cream). I use the powder for my day-to-day contour and cream for a stronger more dramatic night time look. I also cannot hype up the lip liners enough they are so perfect I love them. 
  • Finally – My New lace off shoulder top from H&M it is so structured and lady like I LOVE IT!! I love H&M it is my go to shop for; gym wear, day-to-day, work wear and evening glam.


What I’ve been up to 
  • May saw me say good bye to my favourite Canadian Soul Sista, after a crazy night of tapas, tequila, gin, champagne, margaritas, jager bombs and sangria. We partied till 5:30 am (for those who know me…that is crazy late for me) its normally the time I get up to let the puppy out. It was the best night and the perfect see you soon for my Soul Sista…..obviously I’ll have to start saving for my first visit to Canada. 
  • My Last Exam…THANK GOD is over. It is so nice to not have to wake-up and immediately hit the books. So with all my spare time I’ll be trying to get back in shape, start a bullet journal and do so much needed puppy training.  


Up Coming Plans
  • So….whats planned for June ..Well in 2 short weeks we’ll be driving to Wales to spend a week with friends. I plan on laying in the garden with a glass of wine, eating lots of gelato on the beach and cuddling my best friends baby. 
  • I’ll also be catching up on lots of missed date nights with the boy, who has been some-what neglected due to lots of revision. 
  • Finally I’ll be spending some quality time with the latest member of our family Miss Bramble the cocker spaniel. We started puppy classes week and we have lots of homework to do.


See you soon 
Lady Law Student 

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